Completed Past Projects

  • Construction of a cottage for pensioners in the Yeppoon Senior Citizens Housing state in 1972.
  • Construction of first Capricorn Coast Blue Nursing Centre in BeamanPark
    Construction and development of Yeppoon Lions Capt. Cook Memorial Camp on Great Keppel Island .
    Restoration of 86 year old’s home in Yeppoon, gutted by fire
    4 vehicles donated to Yeppoon Blue Nursing Service
    Yeppoon Lions Tropical Pinefest held yearly and raising $300.000 during that Period for worthy causes
    Construction of a wading pool at the then new Cooee Bay Olympic pool
    Re roof Yeppoon Girl Guides Club house
    38 years of Lifesaving instruction as a Club project.
    Donate a Hart Walker to an impaired Yeppoon boy.
    Donate a lifesaving B1 PAP ventilating machine to relieve the sleep apnoea condition of a local person.
    Donate a standing frame to a young totally physically and mentally impaired girl to enable her to attain a vertical position.
    Water lift chair supplied to Iwasaki Foundation to enable aged and physically impaired persons to have access to the swimming pool at the Melaluca facility
    Donation of a Defibrillator and CPR mannequin to the Yeppoon Ambulance
    Donation of an inflatable rescue craft for the Yeppoon Coastguard.
    Donation of large print books and talking books to the council library